On a global level, Wilson’s Shine a Light When It’s Gray Out is influenced by the shift of societal, political and moral topography. His influence also surrounds the juxtaposition of embracing national support with the withdrawal of virtual isolation. The artist directly asks the questions: How do you create a place for yourself in this world without sacrifice? How do we deal with loss, through anger or love? What will we leave behind when we are gone? How do we not give up hope?

Thematically, Shine a Light When it's Gray Out is about hope and love -- a light in the dark -- and how we should strive to endure and succeed -- for ourselves, for our children. To harness the swirling maelstrom I imagine, I painted background canvases with dark oils and oil sticks in tumultuous strokes. Across this backdrop, butterflies cascade beauty and undulate hope -- and the light -- they represent my beacon, my own personal chrysalis.