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"I’d like to welcome you to my new spring styles. There are ten new styles I am presenting, each containing multiple variations with each piece being unique. The inspiration for this series is creating new versions of archived pieces while using traditional embroidery techniques. I was inspired by vintage pattern and loom books to create the Tapestry pieces and even used some of the first embroidery techniques I ever learned in my 20’s to create the lace flowers on the Chanel Flowers and Cherry Tree pieces. Timeless paisley patterns make their debut in this collection and you’ll see many pieces embellished with pom-poms. Explore the brand new designs below and become inspired by the theme of old meets new.” - Stephen Wilson


This collection uses a combination of embroidered tapestry patches, pom-poms, luxury Hermes silk scarves, lace flowers, and butterflies mounted in relief to bring this theme to life.


Each piece is one-of-a-kind, comes framed in a 2" deep acrylic with a certificate of authentication, a French cleat is provided for easy installation, and comes packaged in beautiful branded box ready for gifting.