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"I want to welcome you to view my new spring creations. There are over a dozen new themes I am presenting, each containing multiple variations with each piece being unique. The inspiration for this series is Flora and Fauna. Animals, animal prints, and flowers have always been used in fashion and depicted in fine art. I am taking these two mediums and combining them together into these exciting new pieces." - Stephen Wilson


Fauna is all of the animal life present in a particular region or time while the corresponding term for plants is flora. This collection uses a combination of luxury Hermes scarves, pom-poms, embroidery patches and butterflies mounted in relief to bring this theme to life.


Explore the brand new designs below and become inspired by the beauty of wildlife.

Each piece is one-of-a-kind, comes framed in a 2" deep acrylic with a certificate of authentication, a French cleat is provided for easy installation, and comes packaged in beautiful branded box ready for gifting.