Shine a Light When it's Gray Out at Art Angels Beverly Hills

Artist Stephen Wilson's new series Shine a Light When It's Gray Out is making its way to Beverly Hills after a successful run on the east coast with New Gallery of Modern Art. With multiple sought-after and highly fashionable works and an extensive portfolio to select from, as well as a prominence that seems to have blossomed overnight, this exhibition brings together and puts forth an exquisitely intricate series, and a highly anticipated West Coast debut for Wilson.


A closer look at the trajectory of Wilson's career, one discovers the many years of conceptualizing as well as personal inspirations he has drawn from. Shine a Light When It's Gray Out celebrates a love of fashion, a familial connection to embroidery, (as his grandmother inspired him to turn designer shoe boxes into fine art), and a desire to bring beauty, warmth, opulence and elegance through textured paint and millions of stitches.

April 19, 2018
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