This section features all of the Press for Stephen Wilson. He has been featured in numerous magazines, blogs and news outlets. 


“But what if the distinctions between artist and craftsman and between the machine and the hand made are simply illusions? That is the position of Stephen Wilson, who seamlessly blends these supposed opposites.” - Eleanor Heartney, Art Writer/Cultural Critic 
“Utilizing and celebrating luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Dior, Wilson has created through careful experimentation a beautiful and rather remarkable approach to incorporating Americana into a technique that has a centuries-old history, and making it fresh, arresting and new” - Bruce Helander, Art Critic/Curator
“The relationship between nature and capitalism is also at the heart of Stephen Wilson’s luxury-brand boxes—like Gucci, Hermès and Chanel—repurposed with earthen, verdant textures, such as clusters of butterflies. Is Wilson’s work a criticism of consumerism, or a statement of harmony between conspicuous consumption and nature? The eye beholds.” - John Thomason, Editor, Boca Magazine