Stephen Wilson - A conceptual artist with a unique medium

Enigma , September 1, 2017

One of the few experts in the field of technology-based embroidery, Stephen Wilson, a Charlotte-based conceptual artist in North Carolina has made a name for himself through a unique art form, which combines embroidery art with designer fashion.  His work is featured in museums worldwide and is sold in fine art galleries and international art shows.  In his recent Luxury Series, Wilson introduced a new twist to his signature art form by using high-end fashion designers’ cardboard boxes as the canvas on which to produce his masterpieces.

Stephen Wilson has been practicing his special art form for 20 years now.  He started by making screen printed shirts and posters right after high school. A few years later, he became fascinated by the technology used in embroidery, and began applying it on his shirts.  Later, as an embroidery fashion designer in New York, he was eventually creating applications for designers like Oscar de la Renta and Dior.

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