What would Kiki Wear

what would Kiki wear , October 11, 2017

I had the pleasure of being introduced to Stephen Wilson a few months back and was so happy to hear that he was interested in working on a custom piece. His work just spoke to me. It was inspirational, unique and eye-catching. Stephen Wilson takes luxury boxes and works with different thread, fabric, sculptural 3D printing, laser engraving, and paint to create beautiful pieces of art. Each piece is truly unique and the details are breathtaking. As someone inspired by fashion, I was drawn to the uniqueness he created through luxury boxes.

I spoke to Stephen Wilson on the phone and described my apartment aesthetic as classic luxury. He incorporated these elements and created the perfect piece. I’m going to break down his process below and also share with you a quick interview to help you get to know Stephen Wilson better. He truly is beyond talented.

Ideation and Design: The first step was to pick out my box. This was really hard for me but I decided on Chanel just because it’s so classic and I knew it would be timeless. With my guidance and aesthetic preferences, Stephen created a design that evokes the feeling of Chanel- chic, classic, luxurious, and ultra-femme. He used different colors (blush, rose, mauve, white), textures (crushed velvet, leather, flokati fur –) and imagery like chandeliers.
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