On top of the box

Scott Goodman, Designs in machine embroidery, January 1, 2018

We frequently hear the term "Think Outside of the Box" voiced by teachers, executive coaches and management consultants to inspire creative thinking. Here is an example of an embroiderer who thinks "On Top of the Box".

Like many of you, Stephen Wilson is an embroiderer and digitizer. Starting with traditional embroidery and digitizing, he founded AnitaGoodesign, an incredible resource of embroidery designs and projects. AnitaGoodesign educators have shared their knowledge via special events in cities throughout the US.

Stephen is also an artist- stretching, contorting, and warping the scope of traditional embroidery into large-scale panoramas of Americana, abstractions
of luxury and conspicuous consumption, while incorporating color, texture and dimension in awe-inspiring ways. While embroidery-centric, his multi-media works utilize 3D printed elements, laser- engraved acrylics, luxury fabrics and recycled/repurposed packaging. Stephen's embroidery work began as a commercial digitizer. While punching stock designs and

characters from Disney and Warner Bros., he was influenced by the power of iconography and symbology, contained within these emotionally-compelling characters.

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