Hermés Tree of Life Study I
Stephen Wilson Studio

Hermés Tree of Life Study I

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Embroidery, paint, textiles, photography and 3D sculpture are just a few of the tools that I use to create my unique pieces of art. Embroidery is the main element in my work, a medium that I’ve been working with for over 25 years. The pieces are truly mixed media, combining all of these elements with the addition of upcycled packaging like Dior and Gucci Boxes or vintage Hermès silk scarves. All of these elements are stitched on, combined and manipulated to achieve the final result: one of a kind, multi-dimensional pieces of art. I am often told by collectors that my work has two different viewpoints, from a distance you will appreciate the imagery but up close the pieces take on a new life when you notice all of the textural details of the embroidery, fabric, and paint. Every detail of every piece is completely handmade in my studio in Charlotte, North Carolina. Each piece is one of a kind and unique.

The techniques used in this piece of art include: