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Stephen Wilson, 2019

From the feel of superior materials, to the attention to detail placed into each product, luxury houses like Chanel, Hermès, Valentino, Dior, and Gucci have been creating beautiful products for generations. Every product purchased from these luxury brands comes wonderfully packaged in a beautiful box. Usually, there is much hesitancy to throw one of these boxes away. They are a status symbol in and of themselves so, inevitably, the boxes usually go into storage somewhere, but are eventually discarded.

Because Stephen Wilson creates many pieces using luxury fabrics like Hermès scarves, the studio becomes littered with boxes. While working on sketches one day, inspiration struck and Stephen decided to use these boxes as a canvas for his new pieces. Each box is carefully selected and turned into a work of art using embroidery, assemblage, and collage. Each box has its own characteristics and is often vintage in age. Each work is either wholly original or is part of a limited edition series of three or less. Once the boxes are finished, they are three-dimensionally mounted in a contemporary acrylic frame.

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