Luxury Volume 1

Studio Publication
Stephen Wilson, 2017

Mixed media artist Stephen Wilson began his career in NYC working as a freelance fashion embroidery designer. Thus, his work has strong ties to the fashion industry, often incorporating and transforming luxury textiles like Hermès silk and Chanel boucle. As he uses these fashion fabrics as raw materials in his fine arts practice, an

array of designer boxes soon began to accumulate in the studio...

From this, the series Luxury by Stephen Wilson was born, featuring one-of-kind artworks in which a designer

box becomes the canvas itself. Each piece is completely unique and original, using multiple techniques such as embroidery, quilting, and 3d printing before embellishing it with handmade and surprising elements. Whether offering a critique on materialism, a commentary on contemporary culture, or relaying the emotion of luxury itself,

the result is so stunning, a box is never seen as a box again...

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